Pacific Power Reps Expands Territory to 10 West Coast States

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8-state expansion enables PPR to bring innovative fire hardening, grid hardening, linemen safety, and efficiency products to more electrical utilities and municipalities on the west coast.

Ladera Ranch, Calif.— September 2, 2020 — Pacific Power Reps (“PPR”) announced today it has expanded its electric utility manufacturer rep company from two to 10 west coast states, effective August 2020. The expansion brings PPR’s services to Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming, adding to the success PPR has achieved across California and Nevada.

We are on a mission to serve the electric power and utility industry with the most innovative and forward-thinking solutions to solve the industry’s biggest problems,” says Greg Albertyn, president, PPR. “This expansion enables us to serve as a more complete solution to the manufacturers we represent and allows us to introduce the exciting innovation these companies have brought to market.”

Pacific Power Reps is known for working with forward-thinking manufacturers and distributors to provide innovative products to electrical utilities, municipalities, and commercial and industrial entities to address the industry’s biggest concerns surrounding fire hardening, grid hardening, linemen safety, and operational efficiencies, both in the field and direct to consumers.

Some of the innovative solutions PPR has helped manufacturers bring to market or secure material coding approvals include:

  1. Non-propagating, fire resistant covered wire by Priority Wire & Cable
  2. Engineered electrical and mechanical shunts from ClampStar®, a Classic Connectors company
  3. A low-cost IFD™ spring-loaded internal arcing fault sensor for smaller pole-mounted and pad-mounted distribution transformers
  4. Dozens of linemen safety and efficiency tools from JELCO, APEX Power Products, and others, and
  5. Mobile substations from DeltaStar, to name just a few.

Electricity, lights, and keeping the world connected is today’s life blood in business and homelife. Delivering solutions that solve the dangers of the industry with well thought out products is how Pacific Power Reps is known. “We got our start by introducing new manufacturers and innovative products to the California electric utility market,” says Albertyn. “Now we represent manufacturers of all sizes with product lines that enhance and advance the safety, reliability, and efficiency of the industry.”

Through this 8-state expansion, PPR has added three new manufacturing companies to its portfolio:

  1. Richards Manufacturing with expertise in 600A and 200A network protectors and relays as well as elbow connectors
  2. StressCrete Group concrete distribution and transmission poles
  3. United Poly Systems HDPE conduit and micropath (microduct)

Pacific Power Reps is a team of electrical engineers and power transmission and distribution industry professionals with deep relationships, insight, and understanding of the industry’s biggest problems regarding the aging grid, increased risk of wild fire, equipment malfunction, and line crew safety and efficiency.

  • David Palmer is leading the territories in Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington
  • Tim Lish leads the territories in Utah, Southern Nevada, and Wyoming
  • Nathan Schwegman leads Idaho, Montana and Eastern Oregon territories
  • Steve Lesch, P.E. leads the Northern California and Northern Nevada territories
  • Luis Silva and Anthony Barraza lead the Southern California territory

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