Pacific Power Reps Welcomes IEM and Virginia Transformers to List of Represented Manufacturers

Pacific Power Reps (“PPR”) announced today two new manufacturers have signed contracts to have PPR represent them to the utility industry across all 10 states of the PPR territory. Virginia Transformer and Industrial Electric Manufacturing (“IEM”) boost PPR’s ability to serve their customers with high-end substation and power generation (“power-gen”) products in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. PPR is also able to support EPC firms (engineering, procurement, and construction firms) both locally and nationally across the USA.

“PPR is making a strategic move into the electrical substation and generation arena,” says Greg Albertyn, president, Pacific Power Reps. “We are excited to align with manufacturers that share our same vision for growth. The addition of Virginia Transformer and IEM allows us to expand our product offerings so we can more wholly and completely service our electric utility customers with packaged groups of products for more complete substation solutions.”

With high-demand due to the current wildfires, new development, aging infrastructure, and expanding need for substations, mobile units, and power generation, the timing of these new contracts is more important than ever. IEM has solutions for utility companies, and Virginia Transformer has solutions for electrical utilities, EPC firms, commercial and industrial power entities, including data centers, refineries, and heavy industrial organizations.

“We searched for the right team to represent us on the west coast to meet our growth goals and we are pleased to have discovered Pacific Power Reps,” says Tom Aikens, Director of Sales, Virginia Transformer. “We are looking forward to having the energy and drive of the PPR team behind our products, to represent our brand well across their territory, and position us for further growth in 2020 and beyond.”

Virginia Transformer is known for offering a variety of transformers ranging in size from 500kva to 1400mva, and IEM offers switchgear, panel boards, and unit substations.

“IEM is on a mission to expand our product reach and grow our market share by better serving our utility customers,” says Steve Chand, Western Area Sales Manager, IEM. “Pacific Power Reps is the right team to catapult us into the next realm of this mission by representing us on the west coast. We look forward to building stronger relationships with our electric utility, critical infrastructure, and EPC customers through their relationships with PPR.”

Pacific Power Reps is a team of electrical engineers and power transmission and distribution industry professionals with deep relationships, insight, and understanding of the industry’s biggest problems regarding the aging grid, increased risk of wild fire, equipment malfunction, and line crew safety and efficiency. For more information on products, services, territory, or the team, visit

About Pacific Power Reps
With an energy and drive for championship-style excellence, Pacific Power Reps (“PPR”) has helped manufacturers achieve hundreds of material coding approvals in the electric power and utility industry since 2013. Through its team of industry-trained electrical engineers and power utility experts, PPR services electrical transmission and distribution companies and municipalities in 10 west coast states: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. For a full list of manufacturers represented by state and to learn more, visit

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