Hayden Data Is Creating Solutions To Long-Term Grid Problems. Here’s How:

Because of record wildfires and flooding throughout America, companies must make conscious steps to design and improve the grid infrastructure. With a need for new tech, fire science, remote sensing, data science, and AI, Hayden Data has made it a mission to deliver.

Typical Solution Strategies:

There are two typical strategies used to mitigate natural disaster/hazard risks and develop a quick response time. One typical response includes fire risk prevention includes controlling forest and vegetation growth in clearance zones and maintenance of power infrastructure. The second typical strategy includes a rapid response system. This allows for real-time reactions with appropriate resources and responses to environmental condition changes. Each strategy coincides with the other and includes large amounts of data, processing, analytics, and delivery. An additional challenge with this is being able to generate this data in remote locations where the cellular signals are scarce or non-existent.

How Does Hayden Data’s Technology Help?

Ultimately, to achieve such goals, specific technology is needed. This technology needs to be able to generate data, even in remote areas, and analyze/ provide data in real-time in the form of alerts and actionable reports (i.e. answers to the right questions). Hayden Data’s technology provides almost real-time answers to questions like:

  • What are current temperature levels, rainfall, wind speeds, and directions on a detailed and granular local level?
  • Where are fire and smoke present, and in which direction does it move?
  • Can we get eyes on the ground and see what is happening in the field without deploying crews?
  • Might there be vegetation encroachment in clearance areas where we have not been able to identify it?
  • What are river flow levels, and how are they changing? etc…
Hayden Data mesh network system topology example
Hayden Data mesh network system topology example


The technology that Hayden Data has developed consistently evolving. Florian Geiger from Hayden Data writes that “recently we [Hayden Data] have been approached by a city council in NSW, Australia. Understanding that our “magic sensor box” can measure a multitude of environmental aspects, they shared that their region suffers from two antagonistic yet severe weather phenomena, fire, and flood, where remoteness, great distances, and lack of communication and power infrastructure has made it difficult to find an environmental monitoring solution that can be integrated with existing civil protection alarm services to help protect life and property”(HD, 1). Due to all of the regional complications it can be hard for NSW city council to find an effective monitoring tool. Hence, Hayden Data’s “magic sensor box” (pictured below) provides an opportunity for environments and locations, as described above, to have access to an effective monitoring solution.

Hayden Data-Smart Sensor on a steel pole in Grand Junction, Colorado

Devices created by Hayden Data communicate on a mesh network. This means that they can implement sensors from their gateways to areas where the signal is nonexistent. These devices feature cameras as well, and images can then be relayed to the UI through their network. Hayden Data’s tech is currently commercially available for power utilities, civil protection agencies, local governments, and communities.

Learn more about the benefits of their technology and how it works on their website link: HERE



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