How ClampStar Is Hardening The Grid

What is ClampStar?

“ClampStar® is an engineered electrical and mechanical shunt that, along with proactive maintenance practices improves safety and prevents unplanned outages. ClampStar is the industry’s only PERMANENT life extension solution for virtually all overhead conductors. Increasing power flows on some of the oldest lower-voltage circuits, especially during emergencies has put significant pressure on a power grid that was built mainly to serve local markets. ClampStar is necessary to help bring the power grid up to a level of acceptable physical soundness and reliability. With ClampStar, splices, deadends, and suspension clamps are repaired with NO power interruption; connector replacement is no longer necessary. It easily installs over the existing connector” (Classic Connectors, 1). 

How can ClampStar help harden the grid? 

With the wildfire and hurricane season coming quickly, ClampStar offers an opportunity to harden the grid in a simple yet effective way. This lineman-friendly electrical and mechanical shunt reinforces overhead connectors helping to remove the possibility of failure. Hence, ClampStar permanently removes overhead connectors as a cause of power loss and ignition.

This specifically engineered product can make a huge difference in protecting the grid from occurrences like:

  • Downed Powerlines
  • Connector Failures
  • Fires
  • Electrocution
  • Property Damage, etc.

This permanent protection is provided when ClampStar is installed over every overhead connector splice.

Not only is ClampStar beneficial to the grid once established but, it is also efficient to install. Classic Connectors describes installations and repair when stating that, “failing splices are repaired with NO power interruption and splice replacement is no longer necessary. ClampStar® installs in a few minutes, with a hot stick or gloves. No mechanical grips, come-along, jumper cables, or cutters are needed. And, ClampStar® meets ANSI C119.4 Class AA, extra heavy-duty, and PERMANENTLY restores both electrical and mechanical integrity on weathered conductors. There’s no need to cut power or lines and it easily installs over the existing splice. ClampStar® also increases ampacity allowing for system up-rates and is significantly safer than traditional splice replacements. ClampStar® is available in both rigid and flexible versions to accommodate various cable diameters for both transmission and distribution application” (Classic Connections, 2). Companies can take one step further to hardening the grid with the integration of ClampStar into the line system.

Learn more about this advantageous product at their website linked HERE or watch the short video below:

“About.” Classic Connectors and ClampStar,

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