The World’s Biggest Solar-Charged Battery Storage Project.

A new Florida battery project will launch the world’s biggest solar-charged battery storage project. Energy Storage News writes that the “Manatee battery project will also save its customers some US$100 million over the lifetime of the project by offsetting fuel costs and running on sunshine” (Andy Colthorpe, 1). This is a significant number and benefit to the customers of this storage project.

Florida’s Utilities are pursuing major efforts to create a cheaper, cleaner, and more efficient grid through new tech such as large-scale battery storage. These efforts are key to the overall health of our planet (Temperince Morgan, ESN, 1). Additionally, the BESS is deploying some smaller solar projects in order to allow two natural gas plants built in the 1970’s move into retirement. Colthrope writes that these two 1970’s gas plants have “a combined generation capacity of over 1,600MW. FPL said that in addition to resulting in carbon dioxide emissions reductions” (ESN, 1).

Overall, this project will be:

  • Long-Term
  • Cost-Effective
  • Better For The Environment
  • Better For The Power Grid, etc



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