New Utility Trailer Accessory Kit Designed To Benefit Worker and Highway Safety

The Problem: Non-Efficient, Accident-Prone Tool Basins

The Solution: Organized, Customized, Utility Trailer Kit

“In order to reduce the rate of worker loading and unloading injuries in the electric utility industry, META Design Manufacturing is now making its line of trailer accessories available to the electric utility and construction industries from its [new website]” (Agile Digital Marketing, 1).

These accessories will not only improve work safety but have also been designed after the company “worked closely with experienced linemen from all over the United States to define and discover opportunities for innovation and improvement” (James Coleman, President). This has allowed the company to create helpful products from the first-hand experience in the field.

So, what does this kit include?

Well, rather than the typical large basins that are filled with bulky, tangled, and heavy tools the updated line of Pole Trailer and Truck Solutions is designed to help with custom organized setup for truck beds and trailers.  This kit includes:

  • Switch Racks
  • Cross-Arm Racks
  • Boxes
  • Cabinets
  • Nail Bins
  • Fat Bins, AND MORE

“For example, the Reel Racks support up to a 6,000 pound, 80-inch diameter reel which fits Butler series 600s, 700 and 1600 trailers” (Alan Koenigsberg, 1). Additionally, this kit will provide easier access to useful and necessary tools as well as preventing injury from a disorganized setup.

META Design Manufacturing is making a difference in work efficiency and safety with this kit that is compatible with existing electric utility company trailers and customizable to virtually any industry. You can check out more product information and see photos here:


Image from META Pole Trailer Accessories Case Study


Koenigsberg, Alan. “Northern California Manufacturer Announces New Utility Trailer Accessory Kit to Improve Worker and Highway Safety.” EIN News, EIN Presswire/Agile Digital Marketing, 20 July 2021,


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