Utility Grids Are Vital To The Development of Innovative Energy Techniques. Here’s Why:

As the world of energy evolves and improves, service providers will play a crucial role in managing such dealings. A durable, strong grid with effective service operators will play a key role in maximizing the worth of every electron used for energy production.  

With increasing pressure to decrease air pollution and address climate change issues, traditional models for handling and dispersing electrical energy are no match. Hence, the utilization and generation of electrical energy are quickly evolving. 

T&D World adds, “In addition, the cost of renewable energy and storage is decreasing significantly and utility customers are increasingly adopting electric vehicles (EV), electric heat, and smart technologies. As a result of the rapid adoption of these new technologies, there is an increasing need to reconsider how electricity networks are operated and how the new technologies are managed” (T&D, para.1).

With all the changes in “new world energy,” many Utility companies are concerned that the impact will negatively affect future value. Contradicting to that notion, if Utilities make steps to adapt to change, their role in energy production/distribution is still critical. T&D World simply describes,” Utility networks will still be required to ensure that the electrical energy coming and going from numerous generating sources is a well-managed, efficient and reliable source of energy. These networks will help address one of the major challenges created by the influx of renewable energy: the variability of solar, wind, and other resources” (T&D, para.2). 

The Utility network can build a new, strong foundation with faster, more impactful, and cheaper tech. Instilling affordable distribution networks, transmission systems, etc, should prompt flexibility for a smooth transition through the varying demand and supply levels. By becoming the center that interconnects all types of energy generation to and from consumers, Utility grids will have a critical place in maximizing grid asset value. Overall, connecting production to demand. 


(Courtesy Missouri University of Science and Technology)

Energy Prosumers

So, What Is A Prosumer?

Prosumers are energy consumers that contribute to energy flexibility and generate power themselves. This can come from the use of solar photovoltaics, a ground source heat pump, battery storage, EV, and even geothermal energy. With an increase in prosumers, the utility grid will require elements like bidirectional energy flows, intelligent storage and consumption tactics, and smarter ways to balance/manage energy generation. 

Utility Grids Are The Foundation For Future Energy System’s

Utility grids are the glue that connects buyers and sellers together. Hence, as new world energy changes are made, the vitality of utility grids as the core infrastructure of the energy system increases. T&D World provides a great example of such need when stating, “[…] an EV owner will want to charge their EV during the day when solar production is high and later in the day the owner may need to discharge the battery to compensate for the drop in solar production supplying surplus energy to the network. During the night when the wind is high and load demand is low, the battery will be re-charged for the morning commute. Hence, ownership of an EV may not only be for clean transport but will prove to be a cash positive purchase” (T&D, para.22). Service providers will be needed to manage and regulate such dealing as described above. Excitingly, the technology aspect already makes this possible with the rapid development of digital connectivity. Dependable grid and service operators will be the key component in creating a cleaner, more efficient/beneficial grid system that maximizes the value of every working part. 

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