eLumina™ is Bringing the Transmission Industry Closer to Renewable Energy

To provide sustainable, secure, and reliable energy to people globally, companies are developing and expanding the electrical transmission grid. 

Rajendra Iyer writes about the 2018 Edition of the BP Energy Outlook prognosticates that global demand for renewable energy will expand from 7% in 2018 to 25% by 2040 (GE Grid Solutions, 1). To service the rising demand for renewable energy, building a grid that efficiently goes the distance, especially within Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development member countries, is essential. Hence, going to great extents to reach remote, renewable energy, like hydroelectric plants and offshore wind parks. 

So, what does “becoming more efficient” look like? 

Although an expanding grid generates its hurdles, it is crucial to create an infrastructure that has the tech to carry large amounts of power over long distances. 

Today’s grid operators need to secure a stable current of energy from diverse and changeable energy sources. Technology like the High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC), can carry power as far as 2,375km at Grid Solutions Rio Madeira project located in Brazil (Iyer, GE Grid Solutions). Only with bolder systems heightened with digital management and control systems can grid operators achieve the necessary real-time grid awareness. This awareness needs to expand from small point KPI performance to the big picture. 

GE Grid Solutions has created a digital control platform that is “revolutionizing HVDC control systems”. This platform, called eLumina, is the fastest in the industry and features several developments including:

  • compact computing
  • digital communication
  • High-performance
  • ultrafast speeds

These tech advancements allow the HVDC solutions to tackle grid hurdles with more tools and confidence. 

How does eLumina support grid operators in the Transmission industry?

Rajendra Iyer, a Managing Director at GE Grid Solutions, writes

“The technology behind this digital control platform empowers grid operators to make more educated decisions on how they manage their HVDC stations. For example, in the past, a grid operator would have to establish more conservative protection algorithms and increase the size or rating of their equipment because the measurement systems were slower which allowed the fault condition to exist for long” (Iyer, Grid Solutions).

In other words, irregularities can be identified at a faster rate than previous systems with the communication and processing technology included with eLumina™. Ultimately enabling protection systems to engage promptly in protecting grid assets. This conceivably could result in a demand for lower-rated HV devices, saving CAPEX and OPEX the expense.

With the integration of eLumina™ technology, efficient and green grids become more reliable, faster, and secure. Ultimately, enabling future grids to face global energy goals and giving people access to green power faster. Learn more HERE


(all information comes from an article written by Rajendra Iyer, from GE Grid Solutions)
Iyer, Rajendra. “Transmission Industry’s Newest Control System Elumina™ Brings Renewable Energy Closer.” LinkedIn, GE Grid Solutions, 29 Aug. 2018, www.linkedin.com/pulse/transmission-industrys-newest-control-system-elumina-brings-iyer/.



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