Current Manufacturer, “Spotlight”

Current is the ultimate solution for ensuring safe streets for both drivers and pedestrians. Current’s cutting-edge technology offers a harmonious blend of

high-performance optics, comprehensive controls, unparalleled

scalability, attractive design, and a wide range of mounting options to

illuminate diverse applications. Designed with advanced reflective optics,

meticulously tailored for residential and local roadway solutions.

One of the many solutions Current offers is the Evolve® ERL6 Series Cobra

Head, standing out as the pinnacle of outdoor street and roadway

innovation, catering to those in pursuit of effective lighting solutions for

expansive areas, major roadways, as well as freeways and

expressways. Current understands the unique needs of customers seeking

solutions for local streets, collector roads, and major thoroughfares

and is dedicated to providing the perfect lighting solutions for each


Driving safety and enhancing visibility through our state-of-the-art

LED Roadway and Street Lights. Reach out to Pacific Power Reps or

check out Current’s recently rebranded website,, for a

full range of products and solutions available.