Welcome To Team PPR

We are very excited to formally announce the addition of JT Donaldson to the Team at PACIFIC POWER REPS. JT has over 30 years of experience and will be managing the Southern California Industrial markets for PPR. JT’s impressive set of skills and connections along with his winning personality make him a great fit on […]

859 Motor Protection System

What Is The Multilin 859? The Multilin 859 Motor Protection System is a protection device for managing, protecting, and controlling medium to large horsepower motors. With a fast protection pass, running every 1/8th of a cycle, the 859 relay provides fast current, voltage, power, and frequency protection elements; reducing stress on the motor. The Multilin […]

Hayden Data Is Creating Solutions To Long-Term Grid Problems. Here’s How:

Because of record wildfires and flooding throughout America, companies must make conscious steps to design and improve the grid infrastructure. With a need for new tech, fire science, remote sensing, data science, and AI, Hayden Data has made it a mission to deliver. Typical Solution Strategies: There are two typical strategies used to mitigate natural […]

How ClampStar Is Hardening The Grid

What is ClampStar? “ClampStar® is an engineered electrical and mechanical shunt that, along with proactive maintenance practices improves safety and prevents unplanned outages. ClampStar is the industry’s only PERMANENT life extension solution for virtually all overhead conductors. Increasing power flows on some of the oldest lower-voltage circuits, especially during emergencies has put significant pressure on […]

Smart Grid And ScCO2 Tech Designed To Improve The Power Grid

These featured projects go above and beyond the typical energy, tech to better supply power to the grid from “Smart Grid” tech to the use of SCCO2 in revamping power cycles. With a world population of over 7 billion and growing the pressure for new and improved energy sources has increased for a more eco-friendly, […]

10 Interesting Facts About The Power Line Industry

The powerline industry and its hard-working linemen/workers are essential to the success of America. Check out these ten interesting facts from the start of the industry to the daily details.   10 Facts You Might Not Know About Power Lines: The first commercial power grid was first established by Thomas Edison in 1882. There are […]

New Utility Trailer Accessory Kit Designed To Benefit Worker and Highway Safety

The Problem: Non-Efficient, Accident-Prone Tool Basins The Solution: Organized, Customized, Utility Trailer Kit “In order to reduce the rate of worker loading and unloading injuries in the electric utility industry, META Design Manufacturing is now making its line of trailer accessories available to the electric utility and construction industries from its [new website https://metadesignmfg.info]” (Agile […]

The World’s Biggest Solar-Charged Battery Storage Project.

A new Florida battery project will launch the world’s biggest solar-charged battery storage project. Energy Storage News writes that the “Manatee battery project will also save its customers some US$100 million over the lifetime of the project by offsetting fuel costs and running on sunshine” (Andy Colthorpe, 1). This is a significant number and benefit […]

Hardening The Grid

The Pacific Power Reps team is proud to represent companies and products that feature fire-hardening designs. In other words, most of the products we sell are designed to make electrical poles, towers, and equipment less likely to start a fire/catch on fire. Such designs include: Intentional Landscape Assessments Weatherproof Construction & Material Post Construction Verification, […]