Companies Represented

Advanced Rubber Products- Silicone Polymer Insulators

Bierer Meters- Voltage Meters, Phasing Equipment

Central Moloney, Inc- Distribution Transformers

Clamp Star- Splice Corrector, shunt

Connector Products, Inc- Bolted Wedge Connectors

GMI, Composites, Inc- Manhole and Safety Covers

Electrical Materials Company- Pole Line Equipment

FoxFury Lighting Solutions- LED Work Lights

GE Lighting- Roadway, Street, Area lighting

Hapco- Street and Area Lighting Poles

IFD Corporation- Transformer Fault Detector

Indel Bauru- Protection in Distribution Fuse Links

Hendrix Power Cable

MADI- Lineman Tools

Rauckman Utility Products- Critter and Avian Protection

Royal Switchgear- Disconnect Switches for Dist, Sub and Trans

Power Delivery Products- Fault Detectors

Power Manufacturing- Stainless and Bronze Dist and Trans Hardware

Sabre Industries- Dist & Trans Steel Poles

Schneider Electric- Breakers & Switchgear, Meters, Services

SNC Manufacturing- Temp Power Restoration

Trayer Switchgear- Distribution Switches

U-Teck- Safe – Lids, Splicing Tables, weed control

Uticom Systems- Labels, Signs & Graphics

VonRoll- Power Transformers

Weidmann Transformer Monitoring and Oil Diagnostics