When it comes to History, Pacific Power Reps does not have a very long one. PPR was formed in June of 2013.

It started when Greg Albertyn started handling the sales for a rep firm in Southern California in June 2011. After seeing the real estate market collapse in 2008, Greg was looking for a new business opportunity to place his efforts into. He quickly saw the large opportunity of the SoCal market and started driving the business. Sales grew quickly and manufacturers soon followed. With Greg being the sole rep, the business revenue grew over 200% in 18 months.
With limited long-term ownership prospects, and the owners blessing, Greg decided to start his own rep firm in 2013, namely, Pacific Power Reps.

Greg, the founder of PPR, is a former World and US. National Motocross Champion. The relevance may seem distant to the power industry, but a lot of the same character traits are what bring success, from one industry to the next.
So even though the history is short, the character traits below place PPR in a great place to continue success.

Greg and the PPR team promise to give their manufacturers and customers the same level of dedication, determination, excellence, honesty, integrity, perseverance and loyalty that won Greg many motocross championships.