The PPR Advantage

The Pacific Power Reps Advantage brings genuine, quality relationships with customers. At PPR, our aim is not only to sell something, but to develop our customer relationships to the point that we are the “Go-To” rep for any customer need. Nothing is too much trouble or effort for our customers, and we will go the extra mile to get the job done. In a culture and industry where coasting can be the norm, we at PPR strive to be excellent, to surpass our customers’ and manufacturers’ expectations.

We are not just order takers, but market makers. PPR has achieved material coding or specification approvals of dozens of new products since beginning in the industry. Starting out with mainly brand new companies to the West Coast has taught PPR a lot. Cutting teeth with new manufacturers and products that had no existing business in SoCal has given PPR a solid footing into getting products approved.

With multiple manufacturers, comes synergy. At PPR, we represent several complimentary manufacturers. PPR often hears about upcoming projects or problems where our manufacturers may be a fit. PPR can immediately offer a solution and match up the right manufacturer with the customer to deal with the problem or opportunity at hand.

PPR now covers all of California and Nevada.